NII-LIP6 Seminars
on Multi-Agent and Distributed Systems


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This year edition of the International Joint NII-LIP6 Seminar is proposed under a collaboration started in July 2004 between LIP6 and NII.

The content of the previous seminars can be found here:

Tenth workshop ( September 2014 - Paris) - Ninth workshop (November 2013 - Tokyo) - Eigth workshop (May 2013 - Paris) - Seventh workshop (2012 - Paris) - Sixth workshop (2011 - Paris)
Fifth workshop (2010 - Paris) - Fourth workshop (2009 - Paris) - Third workshop (2008 - Tokyo)
Second workshop (2007 - Paris) - First workshop (2006 - Paris)
The NII-LIP6 seminars highlight the tradition of fostering cross-laboratory scientific activities and long-term collaborations among HonidenLab and SMA team researchers. During the seminars, members of the two laboratories present their work and discuss current research issues. Invited speakers also present current trends in the Multi-Agent and Distributed System domains.